How to build a site and make it SEO friendly in a day

Today I decided to build a new site from scratch.

I have a full time gig, I am Head of SEO Services for WooRank - a world leading SEO software solutions company based in Belgium. I am locally based in Cairns Australia - and work remotely full time.

So I decided that I would start researching Wix for an upcoming SEO article for WooRank. I had used Wix many times over the years and never really been that impressed. So underwhelmed in fact that I often mentioned to clients to avoid it.

How wrong I am. Starting next week I am going to publish a series of articles explaining how I built, and optimised this site in just one day.

I am monitoring the keywords and will also post changes in rankings and traffic each week.

My plan is to get enough information about Wix and SEO - and see if it is possible to get a site ranked number one locally in a short amount of time using only Wix and WooRank.

Stay tuned!

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